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Why choose ProTender?

My career has brought together two different worlds, namely corporate banking and business. In banking I worked in a commercial bank and later in a development bank. In addition, I worked for two international companies in marketing, management of sales network and key account management of largest global companies in the industry. I am familiar with the challenges and constraints of both the banking- and business world. My work is guided by the need to find solutions and arguments that are understood by both worlds and to create understanding. Business conditions are more and more difficult every day. Businesses often don't understand banks, and vice versa banks don't understand businesses. While the goal is often similar, the language spoken by the two worlds is different. I don't just prepare applications, business plans and financial projections. I also help companies to realise their goals and vision with the right mix of financial resources. I go out of my way to be available for my clients at any time, because achieving their goals is of the utmost importance to them. Helping them to achieve their business development goals is my dream job.

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