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The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology announced that subsidies in amount of €646.5 million will be available in 2022 for Slovenian business to apply for. In addition, €289 million of funding by implementing organisations from their own resources will be made available to businesses. The development funds will be used to raise the productivity of the Slovenian economy towards a green and digital transition and to ensure a balanced development of Slovenian regions.


The €646.5 million represents the amount of funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for calls for tenders, of which €485 million are subsidies and €161.5 million are reimbursable loans. The largest share will go to tourism development - €141.1 million (21.8% of the total), entrepreneurship and internationalisation - €117.3 million (18.1%), research, development and innovation - €107.5 million (16.6%), investments to boost productivity - €88.5 million (13.7%) and regional development - €76 million (11.8%). Digitisation is allocated €56.5 million (8.7%), wood processing €29.6 million (4.6%), energy efficiency €16.8 million (2.6%), circular economy €10.8 million (1.7%) and urban development €2.4 million (0.4%).

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